Pantograph Jack Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Pantograph Jack Sub-Assembly (#09111-33050), a critical component in Toyota's Standard Tool system, plays a vital role in the Engine-Fuel apparatus. This part's primary function is to lift and support the vehicle during maintenance or roadside emergencies, ensuring smooth operation. Composed of a series of linked folding supports in a scissor-like mechanism, it utilizes mechanical advantage to amplify an input force. Like all parts, the Pantograph Jack Sub-Assembly (#09111-33050) can wear out over time. If the part becomes old, clogged or broken, it may fail to properly lift the car, posing a risk to the vehicle and user. Installing a genuine Pantograph Jack Sub-Assembly (#09111-33050), backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, can enhance vehicle compatibility, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Regularly replacing this part maintains the overall efficiency of the tool system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 09111-33050

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