Screw Jack Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Screw Jack Sub-Assembly (#09111-0C071), a vital part of Toyota's Engine-Fuel system in the Standard Tool category, significantly supports the vehicle's functionality. Specifically designed for Toyota's compatibility, this genuine part comes backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This auto part's primary role is to lift the vehicle, allowing for easy access to parts beneath it during maintenance or repair. With repeated use, the Screw Jack Sub-Assembly (#09111-0C071) may wear out, resulting in its inability to sustain the vehicle's weight securely, which can pose serious safety risks. A functioning Screw Jack Sub-Assembly (#09111-0C071) not only ensures safer repairs but also contributes to the overall efficiency of Toyota vehicles. So, it is crucial to remember to replace this part periodically to maintain a safe and efficient vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 09111-0C071

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