Elbow Joint

About this product

The Elbow Joint (#85377-34010), a key element within the Windshield Washer system, is an Electrical part designed for seamless operation. This component primarily directs the washer fluid at different angles to the windshield, enhancing visibility during a drive. The Elbow Joint (#85377-34010), when combined with other related components like the washer fluid reservoir and pump, allows for precision performance. With time, this part may become old, clogged, or broken. If such a situation arises, it's vital to replace it with a genuine Toyota part for vehicle compatibility and backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Neglecting this could result in irregular fluid dispersion onto the windshield, compromising your driving safety. This Elbow Joint (#85377-34010) thus plays a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency and safety of your Toyota vehicle’s Windshield Washer system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 85377-34010

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