T Joint

About this product

The T Joint (#90075-17010), an important electrical part in the Headlamp Cleaner system, plays a crucial role in the flow of the electrical current. This component acts as a distribution point, splitting the incoming electrical current into multiple pathways to connect various parts of the system. Over time, a T Joint (#90075-17010) can become worn or even broken. When this happens, it can disrupt the electrical flow, leading to issues with the headlamp cleaner system, such as poor performance or even total failure. By using genuine Toyota T Joint (#90075-17010)s, you gain the advantage of parts specifically designed for compatibility with your vehicle. Moreover, these parts come with the backing of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Replacing your T Joint (#90075-17010) periodically could prevent premature wear and tear, ensuring the headlamp cleaner system continues to function at its best. In turn, this contributes to the overall safety of your vehicle by maintaining optimal headlamp cleanliness for increased visibility.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90075-17010

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