Kammok Crosswing Pole Pack

Includes two telescoping tarp poles with anchors for securing a Kuhli tarp.

  • Adds stability to the Crosswing vehicle awning in heavy wind, rain, or snow
Brand Toyota Genuine
Awning Pole Pack
Part Number PTN0B-00161


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Disclaimer of Warranty and Liability: This product is not a

Genuine Toyota part or accessory and was not designed or manufactured by

Toyota. Toyota has not fully evaluated this product to determine its overall

impact on the performance or safety of any Toyota vehicle onto which it is

installed or to determine whether installation would render the vehicle illegal

for operation on public roadways in any states. Installation of this product

may impact your vehicles’ warranty. This product is not warranted by Toyota,

and Toyota expressly disclaims any warranty for this product, including without

limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability and of fitness for

particular purpose. Toyota also disclaims all liability for direct, indirect,

special, incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to,

damage to or loss of personal or commercial property, loss of use, cost of

purchase of replacement goods, or claims of customers of any Toyota dealer that

result from the use of this product. This product is not available in Hawaii.

Shipping charges not included.

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