Accumulator Caution Label

About this product

The Accumulator Caution Label (#47997-30010), a vital component in Toyota's Body Caution Plate systems, plays a crucial role in conveying critical safety and operational information. Often placed on parts such as the hydraulic accumulator, this label intimates the user about potential safety hazards, how to avoid them, and the correct operational techniques. Authentic Toyota parts like this label are designed with specific compatibility in mind, and are covered under Toyota's genuine parts warranty. These labels may fade or become unreadable over time due to wear, environmental conditions, or damage. If this happens, it's important to replace them promptly, as a missing or unreadable warning label can lead to misuse or improper handling, which could pose a safety risk. In conclusion, the Accumulator Caution Label (#47997-30010) contributes significantly to the safety of Toyota vehicles by providing essential guidelines and warnings.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 47997-30010

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