Label Caution G/B

About this product

The Label Caution G/B (#SU003-03430) is a vital component in the Caution Plate system of Toyota vehicles. As a body part, it focuses primarily on displaying essential warnings or alerts related to the gearbox to the user. It operates passively within the system, providing crucial information to enhance the driver's knowledge and safety. Over time, this label may fade, crack, or peel off, making it difficult for the driver to understand the warnings. Genuine Toyota Autoparts are instrumental for compatibility and longevity. When replacing this label, it is advisable to use a genuine part, as these are backed by Toyota's parts warranty. The visibility and clarity of the Label Caution G/B (#SU003-03430) directly contribute to the safety of the vehicle by alerting drivers to potential gearbox issues in time for preventive action.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number SU003-03430

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