Coolant System Notice Label

About this product

The Coolant System Notice Label (#11285-28050), a crucial body part found in the Caution Plate system of Toyota vehicles, is instrumental in offering important information about the coolant system's maintenance and safety guidelines. Being a genuine Toyota part, it offers perfect compatibility with your vehicle and is covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty which attests to its quality and durability. Over time, the label may deteriorate due to environmental factors, making the information illegible. This could lead to improper maintenance of the coolant system, potentially leading to overheating and resulting in engine damage. Regular replacement of this label retains its legibility, allowing for correct coolant system maintenance. In conclusion, the Coolant System Notice Label (#11285-28050) is essential in maintaining the efficiency and safety of the vehicle's coolant system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 11285-28050

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