Differential Lock Caution Label

About this product

The Differential Lock Caution Label (#41991-04022), a Body part in the Caution Plate system, plays a crucial role in conveying critical information about the operation of the differential lock system. This label serves as a constant reminder to operators about the proper usage and potential risks, thus fostering a safe driving environment. As an integral component of the system, the Differential Lock Caution Label (#41991-04022) is subjected to constant exposure, causing it to fade or wear off over time. When this happens, important information may be lost, and the risk of improper operation may rise, which may, in turn, cause mechanical damage. Genuine parts from Toyota, like this caution label, are designed for perfect compatibility with your vehicle. Toyota backs these parts with a warranty, giving you peace of mind. By promoting the correct use of the differential lock system, this label ultimately aids in maintaining the vehicle's efficiency and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 41991-04022

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