Label-Emis Cont

About this product

The Label-Emis Cont (#SU003-05883) is a vital body part in the Caution Plate system of your Toyota vehicle. Its crucial role is to provide information about the vehicle's emission control system. This label is typically affixed clearly within the engine compartment, providing easy access to essential data for mechanics or technicians during servicing or inspections. Over time, this label can fade, tear, or become illegible due to exposure to heat, liquids, or general wear and tear. In such cases, it's necessary to replace it with a genuine Toyota part to maintain vehicle compatibility and compliance with emission standards. Genuine parts are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Non-functional or missing labels could lead to misinformation or confusion, potentially impacting the vehicle's emission control system's efficiency or causing violations of emission regulations. Hence, the Label-Emis Cont (#SU003-05883) is a small but significant element in maintaining your vehicle's health and environmental compliance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number SU003-05883

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