Engine Specification Label

About this product

The Engine Specification Label (#11286-46061), an important Engine-Fuel part in the Caution Plate & Name Plate (Engine) system, is vital for correct engine identification and compatibility. As a genuine Toyota Autoparts component, it is supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This label displays critical engine specifics, such as model, type, displacement, and other necessary specifications. Over time, due to wear and tear, this label may fade, peel off or become unreadable. Once damaged or non-functional, it becomes challenging to obtain accurate engine details, which may lead to incorrect or incompatible parts replacements. Regular maintenance or replacement of this label helps to prevent these issues. This label aids in maintaining the overall efficiency and safety of the engine system by ensuring that only compatible parts are used during maintenance and repair procedures.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 11286-46060
Part Number 11286-46061

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