Fuse Block Notice Label

About this product

The Fuse Block Notice Label (#82683-0C021) is a key element in the Caution Plate system, a crucial body part of your Toyota vehicle. This label indicates where the fuse block is located within your car's electrical system, providing crucial data for routine maintenance and emergencies, and aiding in the identification of potential issues. Consequently, the Fuse Block Notice Label (#82683-0C021) in itself is not prone to wear or damage, but if it becomes old or unreadable, it could lead to confusion or errors during maintenance, with potential implications for vehicle safety. Using genuine Toyota parts for replacement is beneficial for vehicle compatibility. Furthermore, Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs these authentic components. The Fuse Block Notice Label (#82683-0C021), while simple, plays a significant role in ensuring the efficient operation and safety of your vehicle's electrical system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 82683-0C021

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