HV Coolant System Information Label

About this product

The HV Coolant System Information Label (#G92A1-48010), a crucial component within Toyota's Body Caution Plate and Electrical Inverter Cooling systems, provides critical information concerning the coolant system. By keeping users informed about the coolant system's status and its specific needs, it enables optimal operation and longevity of these systems. Genuine Toyota parts, such as this information label, offer seamless compatibility with your Toyota vehicle, enhancing overall system efficiency and safety. However, like most auto parts, this label needs periodic replacement. An old or damaged label might obscure critical coolant system info, potentially leading to improper maintenance, system malfunction, or damage. Genuine Toyota parts are covered by Toyota's authentic parts warranty, assuring quality and reliability. This label's contribution is essentially informational, but it significantly impacts the overall health and efficiency of the systems it serves.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number G92A1-48010

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