Transfer Notice Label

About this product

The Transfer Notice Label (#36369-34011), a Body part in the Caution Plate system, plays a critical role in conveying important information to the vehicle owner or mechanic. This label's function primarily involves providing details about the transfer case, a component that synchronizes the difference between the front and back wheels. Its role is essential for proper vehicle operation and maintenance. Using genuine Toyota parts for replacement is key to maintaining vehicle compatibility. Toyota backs their parts with a genuine parts warranty, affirming their commitment to quality. Over time, the label may deteriorate or peel off, leading to loss of critical information which potentially leads to inappropriate vehicle handling or care. Furthermore, the Transfer Notice Label (#36369-34011) contributes to the overall safety by ensuring that correct information is available for the vehicle handling and maintenance processes.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 36369-34010
Part Number 36369-34011

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