Back-Up Lamp Assembly Left Hand

About this product

The Back-Up Lamp Assembly Left Hand (#81680-AE010), a key electrical component in the Rear Combination Lamp system, primarily functions to illuminate the area behind your Toyota when reversing. This not only aids the driver's visibility but also signals to other road users that the vehicle is moving backwards. This is typically achieved through a system of bulbs, reflectors, and lenses. When the Back-Up Lamp Assembly Left Hand (#81680-AE010) becomes old or non-functional, it can compromise your vehicle's visibility in low light conditions, posing a safety risk. Therefore, periodic replacement with genuine Toyota parts is crucial. These parts are designed for perfect compatibility with your vehicle and are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Essentially, the Back-Up Lamp Assembly Left Hand (#81680-AE010) contributes to the overall safety of your Toyota, ensuring a clear view when reversing and alerting others to your vehicle's movements.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 81680-AE010

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