Indicator Lamp Assembly

About this product

The Indicator Lamp Assembly (#81850-0E040), an essential electrical component in the Side Turn Signal Lamp & Outer Mirror Lamp system, plays a crucial role in vehicle safety. It works by radiating light, alerting other drivers on the road about the vehicle's intended movements. This assembly is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty for compatibility with your specific vehicle. Over time, the effectiveness of this assembly may decrease due to aging or damage. An old or non-functional lamp could result in low visibility of turning signals, posing a risk for collisions. Regular replacement of the Indicator Lamp Assembly (#81850-0E040) is thus crucial to maintain vehicle safety and efficiency. By using genuine Toyota components like the Indicator Lamp Assembly (#81850-0E040), you can maintain optimal functionality of your vehicle's lighting system, enhancing the safety of your driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 81850-0E040

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