Key Cylinder Lamp Assembly

About this product

The Key Cylinder Lamp Assembly (#81870-0E010), an integral part of the Interior Lamp system, is an electrical component designed to illuminate the key cylinder. This is crucial for visibility at night, making it easier to locate the keyhole and insert the key. Its function involves using a small bulb encased in a protective housing that lights up when the vehicle's lights are on or doors are unlocked. However, over time the lamp assembly may fail due to bulb burnout or wiring issues. If left unaddressed, this could lead to fumbling with keys in the dark, potentially scratching the surrounding areas or struggling to unlock the vehicle. Replacing the part with a genuine Toyota part ensures perfect compatibility and is backed by Toyota's parts warranty. Through its simple yet important role, the Key Cylinder Lamp Assembly (#81870-0E010) adds to the overall convenience and safety of the vehicle by providing key visibility.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 81870-0E010

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