Foglamp Lampunit Right Hand

About this product

The Foglamp Lampunit Right Hand (#81211-07010), a critical electrical component in Toyota's Fog Lamp system, is responsible for projecting a wide, bar-shaped beam of light that cuts through thick fog. This beam, lower than the headlights, does not reflect off the fog, thus improving visibility in challenging weather conditions. The Lampunit achieves this by drawing power from the vehicle's electrical system to produce this specialized light. However, it should be noted that over time, the Foglamp Lampunit Right Hand (#81211-07010) can become worn or damaged, lessening its effectiveness. Using only genuine Toyota parts for replacements ensures compatibility with the vehicle, and each part is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. A properly functioning Lampunit plays a vital role in enhancing the overall safety of the vehicle, particularly in poor visibility conditions.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 81211-07010

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