Leg Sub-Assembly #2 Seat

About this product

The Leg Sub-Assembly #2 Seat (#79205-52010), a vital component in the Rear Seat & Seat Track system, upholds the integrity of the vehicle's body structure. As a part of the seating mechanism, this element is responsible for maintaining the stability and support of the car seats. Utilizing genuine parts like the Leg Sub-Assembly #2 Seat (#79205-52010) ensures vehicle compatibility and optimal functionality. Over time, the Leg Sub-Assembly #2 Seat (#79205-52010) can deteriorate due to regular wear and tear. If it becomes damaged or non-functional, the seat stability could potentially be compromised, leading to safety concerns. Therefore, periodic replacement is advised and can be facilitated through Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In its operational state, the Leg Sub-Assembly #2 Seat (#79205-52010) contributes significantly to the overall safety of the vehicle. It helps maintain the seat's position and stability, ensuring the comfort and security of passengers during the journey.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 79205-52010

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