About this product

The Lens (#81621-89130) is a crucial component in the Electrical category of the Front Clearance Lamp system in Toyota vehicles. Acting much like the lens in a flashlight, it focuses and directs the light emitted by the lamp. This ensures the vehicle is visible to others on the road, thereby enhancing road safety. As with any part, its effectiveness lessens with age and damage. An old or broken lens might disperse light inefficiently, reducing vehicle visibility and potentially posing a safety risk. Therefore, periodic replacement of the lens is necessary. Authentic Toyota parts, like this Lens (#81621-89130), offer a perfect match for vehicle compatibility. Plus, they benefit from the Toyota genuine parts warranty, providing additional peace of mind. A well-functioning Lens (#81621-89130) contributes to an optimally operating Front Clearance Lamp system, essential for safe, efficient driving.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 81621-89130

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