Reflex Reflector Lens & Body Right Hand

About this product

The Reflex Reflector Lens & Body Right Hand (#81581-48330) is a crucial auto part in the Electrical category, specifically within the Rear Combination Lamp system. Its primary function is to enhance visibility at night or in poor weather conditions, reflecting light back towards the source, such as a car's headlights, thus informing other drivers of your vehicle's presence. This component's efficiency can decrease over time due to wear and tear, dirt, or damage, potentially reducing visibility and creating a safety hazard. Regular replacement of this part with genuine Toyota parts can therefore contribute to the overall safety and efficiency of your vehicle, maintaining optimal visibility on the road. Genuine Toyota parts are designed for vehicle compatibility and are supported by Toyota's authentic parts warranty, offering peace of mind and quality assurance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 81581-48330

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