Rear Side Lens & Body

About this product

The Rear Side Lens & Body (#81751-60070), a crucial component in the Rear Side Marker Lamp system, is an electrical part designed to amplify visibility while driving. This particular part primarily helps in illuminating the rear side of your Toyota vehicle to make its presence known to other drivers or pedestrians, thus enhancing safety on the road. Notably, the Rear Side Lens & Body (#81751-60070) is made up of a lens and a body. The lens disperses light emitted by the bulb, while the body houses the bulb and the lens, ensuring they remain protected. Over time, the lens might become foggy or the body might get damaged, making it essential to consider regular part replacement. Failure to replace a worn-out Rear Side Lens & Body (#81751-60070) could lead to reduced visibility, affecting safety. Importantly, genuine Toyota parts are designed to perfectly fit your vehicle and are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Rear Side Lens & Body (#81751-60070), when in perfect condition, significantly contributes to safety by improving your vehicle's visibility.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 81751-60070

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