Map Lamp Lens #1

About this product

The Toyota Map Lamp Lens #1 (#81265-12380) is a crucial Electrical component in the Interior Lamp system. This part assists in the diffusion of light, helping to illuminate the interior of your vehicle and enhancing visibility for navigation and other cabin tasks in low-light conditions. The Map Lamp Lens #1 (#81265-12380) performs this function by focusing the light produced by the lamp onto the desired area. Every genuine part, including the Map Lamp Lens #1 (#81265-12380), ensures compatibility with Toyota vehicles and is covered by Toyota's authentic parts warranty. The Map Lamp Lens #1 (#81265-12380), like other parts, may need replacement after extended usage. If it becomes old, cracked, or non-functional, it may hinder the efficiency of the lamp, causing poor or inadequate interior illumination, which could affect vehicle safety during night-time driving or in poor visibility conditions. Therefore, maintaining a properly functioning Map Lamp Lens #1 (#81265-12380) contributes to the overall safety and lighting efficiency of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 81265-12380

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