Room Lamp Lens

About this product

The Room Lamp Lens (#81241-0C030-B0), a vital electrical part within the Interior Lamp system of a Toyota vehicle, plays a key role in illuminating the cabin area. It primarily works by dispersing light evenly from the bulb to provide optimal visibility inside the vehicle. Over time, this part can become clouded or damaged, reducing the effectiveness of interior lighting. This can lead to difficulty in locating controls or personal belongings. Therefore, it is crucial to replace it periodically, which is made easy as genuine Toyota Autoparts are designed to integrate seamlessly with your vehicle. Purchasing a genuine part also means you have the backing of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In essence, the Room Lamp Lens (#81241-0C030-B0) contributes to your car’s safety and convenience by providing effective interior lighting.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 81241-0C030-B0

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