Rear Side Marker Lamp Lens Right Hand

About this product

The Rear Side Marker Lamp Lens Right Hand (#81751-42010), a critical electrical component in the Rear Side Marker Lamp system, performs the key role of diffusing light from the installed bulb. This diffusion ensures a wider and even spread of the light which aids in alerting other road users of the vehicle’s presence and orientation at night or in poor visibility conditions. It operates by radiating the light emitted from the bulb throughout its specially designed translucent surface. Just like any other part, this lens degrades over time, potentially leading to a dimmer light output or complete loss of function, making the vehicle less visible to others and increasing the risk of accidents. A regular replacement with genuine Toyota parts which are vehicle-compatible and supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty is therefore necessary. By fulfilling its role, the Rear Side Marker Lamp Lens Right Hand (#81751-42010) significantly enhances the safety of the vehicle's lighting system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 81751-42010

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