Seat Cushion Lock Release Lever Assembly

About this product

The Seat Cushion Lock Release Lever Assembly (#72690-60030-A1), a crucial component in the Seat & Seat Track system of Toyota vehicles, plays a pivotal role in adjusting and securing the seat position. This assembly ensures that the seat remains steady and safe while the vehicle is in motion. Over time, the Lever Assembly may wear out or break, compromising the security of the seat. Replacing it with a genuine Toyota part is essential as it guarantees compatibility and comes with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. A faulty or non-functional Lever Assembly could lead to an unsteady seat, impacting the comfort and safety of the driver and passengers. This part, when functioning optimally, contributes significantly to the overall safety and efficiency of the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 72690-60030-A1
Color_Name FLAXEN

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