Pinion Drive Lever

About this product

The Pinion Drive Lever (#28113-0C130), a key Engine-Fuel component in the Starter system, is essential for initiating the ignition process. It functions by engaging the starter motor with the engine's flywheel, setting the engine into motion. This interaction is critical for the smooth operation of your Toyota's engine. With time, the Pinion Drive Lever (#28113-0C130) can wear out or break, interrupting this crucial link between engine and starter. A faulty lever could prevent the vehicle from starting or cause damage to the flywheel. Thus, periodic replacement with a genuine Toyota part is highly recommended. Genuine parts, such as the Pinion Drive Lever (#28113-0C130), are designed specifically for compatibility with your vehicle. Plus, they're covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Overall, this part's proper functioning greatly impacts the reliability and efficiency of your vehicle's engine start process.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 28113-0C130

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