Rear Seat Reclining Control Lever

About this product

The Rear Seat Reclining Control Lever (#72722-42010-B0), an essential component of the Seat & Seat Track system in any vehicle, is primarily responsible for adjusting the angle of the backrest for optimal comfort. This lever relies on a simple mechanical linkage to adjust the seat position, providing a wide range of settings to accommodate drivers of various sizes and preferences. In the course of regular use, this lever may experience wear and tear, making replacement crucial. When this part becomes old, broken, or non-functional, it hinders the driver from adjusting the seat to a comfortable position which can lead to discomfort and distraction while driving. Genuine parts from Toyota Autoparts offer superior compatibility with your vehicle. What’s more, these original components come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, the Rear Seat Reclining Control Lever (#72722-42010-B0) is an integral part that contributes significantly to the comfort, convenience, and overall safety of the driver and the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 72722-42010-B0
Color_Name GRAY

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