Shift Lever Outer

About this product

The Shift Lever Outer (#33253-12050), a vital Drive-Chassis part in the Gear Shift Fork & Lever Shaft system of manual transmissions, manages the shifting of gears. This part enables the driver to control the vehicle speed optimally, responding to each shift of the lever. During operation, it collaborates with other components like the shift forks and synchronizers, directing power flow within the gearbox. Genuine parts such as the Shift Lever Outer (#33253-12050) not only assure compatibility with your vehicle but are also backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Nevertheless, over time, this part may wear out, become clogged or break, and when this happens, gear shifting may become challenging or impossible, adversely affecting the driving experience. Consequently, periodic replacement of the Shift Lever Outer (#33253-12050) is essential. More importantly, this part not only enhances the driving experience but also contributes to the safety and efficiency of the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 33253-12050

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