Cigarette Lighter Assembly

About this product

The Cigarette Lighter Assembly (#85500-41020) is a crucial electrical component in Toyota's Switch & Relay & Computer system. Its primary role is to provide power for devices and accessories, like chargers and GPS units, through a 12-volt power outlet. The assembly consists of a metal heating element and a bi-metallic strip that bends when heated, thus completing the circuit and allowing the lighter to pop out when ready. Periodic replacement of this assembly is necessary, especially when it becomes old or non-functional. A malfunctioning Cigarette Lighter Assembly (#85500-41020) can lead to power failure for essential devices, which could be inconvenient for the driver. As a genuine Toyota part, the Cigarette Lighter Assembly (#85500-41020) ensures perfect compatibility with your vehicle and is covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Through its reliable operation, the assembly plays a vital role in enhancing the overall usability and convenience of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 85500-33040;85500-41010
Part Number 85500-41020

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