Front Wiper Link Assembly

About this product

The Front Wiper Link Assembly (#85150-10420), an essential electrical component in the Windshield Wiper system, is responsible for converting the rotational output of the wiper motor into the back-and-forth motion of the windshield wipers. This assembly is composed of a series of interconnected levers and rods that work together to move the wipers across the windshield. Over time, exposure to weather elements and continuous operation can cause wear and tear on the Front Wiper Link Assembly (#85150-10420), potentially resulting in malfunction or failure. This could lead to impaired visibility during adverse weather conditions, posing a significant safety risk. Hence, periodic replacement is recommended. Using Toyota's genuine Front Wiper Link Assembly (#85150-10420) ensures maximum compatibility with your vehicle and comes with the support of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This part plays a critical role in the smooth operation of your windshield wipers, contributing to the overall efficiency and safety of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 85150-10420

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