Stabilizer Link #2

About this product

The Stabilizer Link #2 (#48831-60060) is a crucial Drive-Chassis part utilized in the Rear Spring & Shock Absorber system of your Toyota vehicle. Its primary role is to coordinate the movements of either side of the vehicle during a turn, minimizing body roll and ensuring optimal tire contact with the road surface. While in operation, this auto part interfaces with the suspension system, the stabilizer bar, and the wheels. When the Stabilizer Link #2 (#48831-60060) becomes old, non-functional, or broken, it could lead to poor handling, jeopardizing the safety of your vehicle. Therefore, periodic replacement of this part is highly recommended. Genuine parts from Toyota not only provide compatibility but also come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The proper functioning of the Stabilizer Link #2 (#48831-60060) is crucial for the overall efficiency and safety of the vehicle, making it a vital component for every road trip.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 48831-60060

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