Front Door Lock Assembly Right Hand

About this product

The Front Door Lock Assembly Right Hand (#69310-52340), a pivotal component in the Front Door Lock & Handle system of Toyota vehicles, plays a vital role in maintaining the security and accessibility of your car. Functioning as the heart of the door locking mechanism, it works tirelessly to secure the vehicle by engaging and disengaging the lock as required. This assembly is composed of various parts that work in harmony, including the lock cylinder, latch, and electronic control (in power door locks), all of which need to function flawlessly. Over time, these components can wear out, become clogged or even break, preventing the lock from operating properly. This could compromise the safety and security of the vehicle. Therefore, it's important to replace these components periodically with genuine Toyota parts, which are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In summary, the Front Door Lock Assembly Right Hand (#69310-52340) contributes to the overall security of the vehicle, making it an essential component in your Toyota.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 69310-52340

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