Front Door Lock Assembly Left Hand with Motor

About this product

The Front Door Lock Assembly Left Hand with Motor (#69040-AE010), a critical component in Toyota's Front Door Lock & Handle system, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the vehicle's security. This assembly, fortified with a motor, engages the locking mechanism, securely fastening the front doors when activated. Being a mechanical device, the assembly experiences wear and tear over time, which could potentially compromise its functionality. A worn-out or broken assembly could fail to engage the lock, posing a security risk. Hence, periodic replacement is recommended. Opting for a genuine Toyota part ensures compatibility with the vehicle, mitigating the risk of malfunctions. Moreover, Toyota backs its genuine parts with a warranty, offering peace of mind to customers. Indeed, a properly functioning Front Door Lock Assembly Left Hand with Motor (#69040-AE010) is an unsung hero in maintaining the vehicle's security and overall efficiency.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 69040-AE010

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