Fuel Lid Lock Assembly with Motor

About this product

The Toyota Fuel Lid Lock Assembly with Motor (#77030-0E030) is a crucial Body part in the Fuel Tank & Tube system. It primarily serves to securely seal the fuel cap area, preventing fuel leakage or spillage, and keeping out contaminants. The motorized lock mechanism enhances convenience and security, allowing the fuel lid to be locked or unlocked remotely. However, over time, this assembly may wear out, become clogged or break. When this occurs, the fuel system's integrity is compromised, potentially leading to fuel loss, contamination, or even a safety hazard. As such, regular replacement of this part is necessary. Toyota supports this assembly with a genuine parts warranty, offering both compatibility with your vehicle and peace of mind. A well-functioning Fuel Lid Lock Assembly with Motor (#77030-0E030) aids in maintaining the efficiency and safety of the fuel system, making it an indispensable component.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 77030-0E030

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