Luggage Compartment Door Lock Assembly

About this product

The Luggage Compartment Door Lock Assembly (#64610-AC040), a vital component in the Luggage Compartment Door & Lock system, is responsible for securing the rear storage area of a Toyota vehicle. It operates by engaging a mechanical latch when the key or electronic signal is input, thus keeping the luggage compartment securely closed. Over time, the lock assembly might wear out, become clogged with debris, or suffer damage, compromising the vehicle's security. When this occurs, prompt replacement is critical. Using genuine Toyota parts for replacement ensures optimal compatibility with your vehicle and comes with the assurance of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. A well-functioning Luggage Compartment Door Lock Assembly (#64610-AC040) not only safeguards your belongings in the vehicle but also plays a significant role in maintaining the vehicle's overall structural integrity, particularly in the event of a collision. It is, therefore, an essential component for both security and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 64610-AC040

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