Fender Marker Assembly Left Hand

About this product

The Fender Marker Assembly Left Hand (#81720-WAA01) is a key electrical component within the Reflex Reflector system of a Toyota vehicle. This auto part primarily aids in visibility, providing significant indication of the vehicle's presence and position to other road users, particularly in low light conditions. The assembly consists of a bulb that emits light, and a lens that enhances and directs this light outward. Periodic replacement of the Fender Marker Assembly Left Hand (#81720-WAA01) is crucial. As the part ages, its efficiency in illuminating may diminish, potentially making the vehicle less visible to others. Non-functional markers could pose a safety risk due to decreased visibility. Selecting genuine Toyota parts like the Fender Marker Assembly Left Hand (#81720-WAA01) can optimize vehicle compatibility. Additionally, these parts are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. By maintaining operational Fender Marker Assemblies, you can contribute to the overall safety of your vehicle while enhancing its functioning within the Reflex Reflector system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 81720-WAA01

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