Body Rocker Panel Molding Assembly Right Hand

About this product

The Body Rocker Panel Molding Assembly Right Hand (#75850-47030-B1), a vital part of Toyota's Side Moulding system, is instrumental in protecting the vehicle body from road debris and minimizing damage from minor impacts. This part, along with other components like mudguards and side skirts, forms an efficient protective layer for your car. Genuine Toyota parts uphold vehicle compatibility, and this assembly is no exception. Failure to replace this part when it becomes worn or damaged may lead to escalated damage to the vehicle body, potentially impairing the aesthetic and integrity of your Toyota. Genuine Toyota parts like this come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Therefore, periodic replacement is not merely suggested, but critical to maintain your vehicle's look and structural durability. In summary, the Body Rock ensure the Panel Molding Assembly significantly contributes to the longevity and safety of your Toyota by providing a robust protective barrier.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 75850-47030-B1
Color_Number 1G3
Color_Name GRAY ME.

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