Roof Drip Side Fin Molding Ctr #1

About this product

The Roof Drip Side Fin Molding Ctr #1 (#75555-02120) is a vital part of the Side Moulding system in your Toyota. This component's primary role is to divert water away from the car's roof, preventing water damage to both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. When in operation, the molding serves as a barrier against rain, snow, and other elements, directing them to the sides of your car. Like all auto parts, the Roof Drip Side Fin Molding Ctr #1 (#75555-02120) may degrade over time. Neglected moldings can become brittle or break, which could result in water seeping into the car, causing potential damage. Therefore, a routine replacement of this part with a genuine Toyota part is recommended. These genuine parts are engineered for compatibility with your specific Toyota model and come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, the Roof Drip Side Fin Molding Ctr #1 (#75555-02120) contributes to the overall resilience of your vehicle against harsh weather conditions, thereby maintaining its aesthetic appeal and protecting its interior components.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 75555-02120

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