Roof Drip Si Fin Molding Ctr #2 Left Hand

About this product

The Toyota Roof Drip Si Fin Molding Ctr #2 Left Hand (#75558-35030-D0) is a vital body part within the Moulding system. This component is tasked with directing rainwater away from the roof, thus preventing potential water damage to both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. The molding is designed for precise compatibility with Toyota vehicles, and as a genuine part, it is covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time, this molding may become worn or damaged, impairing its ability to channel water effectively. This can lead to water seeping into the vehicle, causing interior damage and potentially affecting electrical systems. This underscores the importance of regular replacement. As a contributor to the overall safety and efficiency of the vehicle, the Roof Drip Si Fin Molding Ctr #2 Left Hand (#75558-35030-D0) protects against the harmful effects of weather, thereby maintaining vehicle integrity and functionality.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 75558-35030-D0
Color Number 3L5
Color Name Red

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