Rear Door Outside Molding Lower Left Hand

About this product

The Toyota Rear Door Outside Molding Lower Left Hand (#75746-0E080), a part of the Side Moulding system, plays a significant role in the vehicle's aesthetics and function. It is primarily designed to protect the car's body from debris and minor impacts while adding a sleek, finished look to the exterior. In operation, this body part works alongside other components such as the door frame, fender, and bumper. Over time, it may need replacement due to wear and tear, or damage from external forces. If left unchecked, a damaged molding can expose the vehicle's body to potential harm, potentially compromising safety and aesthetics. Choosing genuine Toyota parts ensures compatibility with your vehicle and these parts come backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Rear Door Outside Molding Lower Left Hand (#75746-0E080), when in good condition, significantly contributes to the vehicle's overall robustness and visual appeal.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 75746-0E080

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