Rear Door Trim Molding #2 Left Hand

About this product

The Rear Door Trim Molding #2 Left Hand (#67748-0C030-B0), a crucial component in the Rear Door Panel & Glass system of a Toyota vehicle, serves a dual function. First, it acts as a protective layer against external elements such as dust, water, and wind. It also improves the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle, giving it a sleek and finished look. Over time, this part may wear out or become damaged, which could lead to water leaks, wind noises, and a diminished appearance. To maintain optimum performance and compatibility with your vehicle, it's recommended to use only genuine Toyota parts, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Neglecting to replace a worn out Rear Door Trim Molding #2 Left Hand (#67748-0C030-B0) may impact the vehicle's aesthetics and could lead to more serious issues like water damage in the interior. This component enhances both the efficiency and safety of your vehicle, ensuring a comfortable and secure ride.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 67748-0C030-B0
Color Name Smoke Silver Metallic

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