Side Panel Molding #1 Left Hand

About this product

The Side Panel Molding #1 Left Hand (#75621-0C010), a significant Body part within the Moulding system of Toyota vehicles, serves as an integral component for vehicle aesthetics and protection. This automotive part contributes to safeguarding the vehicle's side panels from various outdoor elements while enhancing its exterior appearance. Given this crucial role, using genuine Toyota parts is highly recommended for seamless compatibility and is covered under Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time, Side Panel Molding #1 Left Hand (#75621-0C010) can wear out, become brittle or even crack due to weather conditions and impacts. When this happens, it can compromise the vehicle's safety and overall look. Therefore, periodic replacement is essential to maintain your vehicle's exterior integrity and protection. The Side Panel Molding #1 Left Hand (#75621-0C010)'s primary function contributes significantly to the Moulding system's overall efficiency, presenting a blend of aesthetics and protection to the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 75621-0C010

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