Molding Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Molding Sub-Assembly (#75602-19055), a vital part in Toyota's Side Molding system, plays a cardinal role in protecting your vehicle's bodywork from potential damage. As a body part, this component acts as a buffer, absorbing dents or scratches that might otherwise harm the vehicle's exterior surface. Genuine Toyota Molding Sub-Assemblies not only assure seamless compatibility with your vehicle but also come backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time, this part may need replacement as it could wear down, become damaged, or lose its effectiveness. A non-functional molding sub-assembly potentially exposes the vehicle's body to damage, affecting the overall appearance and possibly reducing its resale value. By ensuring the vehicle's body stays in good condition, the Molding Sub-Assembly (#75602-19055) contributes significantly to maintaining your car's aesthetic appeal and value.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 75602-19055

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