Front Fender Mudguard Sub-Assembly Left Hand

About this product

The Front Fender Mudguard Sub-Assembly Left Hand (#76604-60011), located in the Hood & Front Fender system of Toyota vehicles, plays a crucial role in keeping off-road debris from damaging a car's body. This Body part is designed to shield the vehicle from mud, water, and stray pebbles thrown up by the car's tires while in motion. Over time, the mudguard can become worn, broken, or clogged, which can lead to the accumulation of debris that can cause rust or other damage to the vehicle body. Replacement of this part is vital to maintain the visual appeal and longevity of the car. Genuine Toyota parts like the Front Fender Mudguard Sub-Assembly Left Hand (#76604-60011) are ideal for ensuring perfect fit and function, and they are supported by Toyota's Genuine Parts Warranty. This component substantially contributes to the protection and overall performance of the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 76604-60011

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