Rear Washer Nozzle

About this product

The Rear Washer Nozzle (#85391-52010), an essential electrical component in Toyota's Rear Washer system, functions to direct the flow of washer fluid onto the vehicle's rear windshield. As the driver engages the washer system, the nozzle receives a signal to release washer fluid in a precise manner, cleaning the windshield for optimal visibility. However, over time, Rear Washer Nozzle (#85391-52010)s may become clogged, worn, or broken, resulting in poor or non-existent fluid flow. This can compromise rear visibility, posing a potential safety risk. Regular inspection and replacement with genuine Toyota parts is crucial to maintain compatibility and performance. Toyota's genuine parts, like the Rear Washer Nozzle (#85391-52010), are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, offering peace of mind alongside improved vehicle safety and efficiency. The Rear Washer Nozzle (#85391-52010) plays a significant role in the overall effectiveness of your vehicle's rear washer system, contributing to safer driving in all conditions.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 85391-52010

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