Headlamp Washer Nozzle Sub-Assembly Left Hand

About this product

The Headlamp Washer Nozzle Sub-Assembly Left Hand (#85045-0C010-E0), a crucial electrical component in Toyota's Headlamp Cleaner system, is responsible for delivering a high-pressure spray of fluid onto the car's headlamps. As you drive, your headlights can become covered with dirt, dust, and other debris, making it difficult for light to shine through. This is where the Washer Nozzle Sub-Assembly plays its vital role, making sure that the road ahead is illuminated. As genuine Toyota parts, these assemblies are specifically designed for compatibility with your vehicle, providing superior performance and reliability. They are also covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. However, like all parts, they don't last forever. Over time they can become clogged, broken, or non-functional, reducing their effectiveness. If the spray of fluid isn't strong enough, your headlamps may not be properly cleaned, which could result in reduced visibility. Therefore, periodic replacement is necessary for maintaining the safety and efficiency of your vehicle's headlamp cleaner system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 85045-0C010-E0
Color Number 4Q2
Color Name Beige M. M.

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