About this product

The Nut (#90080-17078), a crucial Drive-Chassis part in Toyota's Front Steering Gear & Link system, plays a pivotal role in maintaining the steering mechanism's integrity. The Nut (#90080-17078) holds together the various components of the steering system, helping to maintain proper alignment and ensuring a smooth driving experience. As with all parts, it is subject to wear and tear, and over time, an aged or damaged Nut (#90080-17078) could compromise the steering system's performance, potentially resulting in severe safety issues. Therefore, periodic replacement with genuine Toyota parts, which are backed by Toyota's Genuine Parts Warranty, is highly recommended to maintain vehicle compatibility and performance. The Nut (#90080-17078)'s effective performance contributes significantly to the overall safety and efficiency of the vehicle, reinforcing the stability of the steering system and ensuring precise, responsive control while driving.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 90179-10048
Part Number 90080-17078

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