About this product

The Nut (#90179-06158) is a critical component in both the Electrical Rear Wiper and Electrical Windshield Wiper systems. Acting as a fastener, it secures various parts in these systems, ensuring they function optimally during operation. The Nut (#90179-06158) works in coordination with bolts, providing tension to secure components tightly. With time, the Nut (#90179-06158) may wear out, lose its thread or become corroded. This can lead to loosened components, causing inefficiency or potential failure in the wiper systems. Thus, regular replacement of this part is crucial. Using genuine Toyota parts like the Nut (#90179-06158) not only ensures perfect compatibility with your vehicle, but also comes with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. A well-functioning Nut (#90179-06158) contributes to the effectiveness and safety of your wiper systems, keeping your visibility clear in adverse weather conditions.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 62102-90K00-03;62101-90K01-06;S9209-06150;94181-40600;90179-06758;62101-90K01-03;90179-06034;90176-06158;90080-17021;90041-79181;90041-79156;90041-79059;90041-70186;66409-92260;62102-90K00-06 More
Part Number 90179-06158

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