About this product

The Nut (#90179-10095) is a fundamental auto part in Toyota's Drive-Chassis Front Spring & Shock Absorber and Rear Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder & Backing Plate systems. This small, yet vital component provides secure fastening to keep essential parts within these systems firmly in place. In operation, the Nut (#90179-10095) locks on to a bolt or screw, creating a tension that holds the parts together, ensuring the stability and alignment of the entire system. Over time, the Nut (#90179-10095) can wear out, corrode, or break, creating a risk of parts loosening, misalignment, and system failure. Therefore, periodic replacement is crucial. Always insist on genuine Toyota parts for perfect compatibility and trust in Toyota's genuine parts warranty for peace of mind. Remarkably, the humble Nut (#90179-10095) contributes significantly to the efficiency and safety of your car by maintaining the integrity of essential systems.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90179-10095

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